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The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism

About The Last Exorcism:

Discover the disturbing trailer for the new horror film ” The Last Exorcism “and his ingenious viral marketing around a chatroulette making the buzz. In theaters today for the U.S. and Sept. 25 at home.

The trend docudrama horrific continues with ” The Last Exorcism”, directed by the young German Daniel Stamm. After being revived in the day 10 years ago with ” The Blair Witch Project “(20 years after the first reference such as” Cannibal Holocaust”), the new production ofEli Roth (“Hostel 1 and 2″) has join the ” Rec”,” Paranormal Activity”,” Cloverfield”,” District 9 “or more recently” Catfish “(see Pulp ticket on the subject). This concept of a film as a documentary that suddenly dropped in horror is a very popular concept that works pretty well. Judge with the trailer …

Considered by critics as a pleasant surprise, with a new and original approach, “The Last Exorcism” s’appuis therefore a kind of classic theme, the exorcism. Experience often, the reference is obviously a kind of cult film with two Oscar William Friedkin, ” The Exorcist “(already over 35 years!), which never matched and the director Daniel Stamm makes part of his film tribute .

In terms of promotion, a great viral marketing has been put in place through the site chatroulette, whose concept is simple and efficient to connect randomly anyone in the world chat or webcam in complete anonymity (no registration, login with a click). The production of the film which maliciously divert this relationship random for a buzz and a successful outcome landmark. Not to rob you, I let you care to discover for yourself the best-of these chatroulettes must see!

Official Website:http://thelastexorcism.com/

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